ANSI Standard Drive Chain

ANSI Standard

D.I.D Standard Drive Chain, recognized as world class quality chain, is not standard by any means. All D.I.D Standard Drive Chain incorporates the following features to easily exceed ANSI Standard:

  • Strict adherences to statistical process control standards
  • Uniformly consistent heat treated parts
  • Shot-Peened Parts for metal fatigue resistance.
  • Solid Rollers offering maximum chain life
  • Factory Pre-Stretching eliminating initial stretch
  • Vacuum Pre-Lubrication with long lasting D.I.D “S” grease to insure uniform penetration of lubricant with semi-clear appearance
  • Automated Quality Control to assure the highest quality

ANSI Standard Chain

XT Power Link

“Extra Strength Connecting Link”

  1. Connecting Link As Strong As Regular Link
    Up to 65% greater fatigue strength than conventional loose fit type connecting link.
  2. Up To 27% Higher Horsepower Rating
    You can use a motor having up to 27% higher horsepower by just using D.I.D XT POWER LINK
  3. No Need To Select Larger Size Chain Because Of The Connecting Link Strength
    D.I.D’s unique CBP (Compression Beveling Process) eliminates all the weakness of connecting link plate. The fatigue strength of D.I.D ANSI standard series is 100% of the chain body.
  4. D.I.D XT POWER LINK, The Standard Connecting Link for D.I.D ANSI Standard Series* You do not have to anticipate paying any extra to get this connecting link for your standard chain requirements. Uniform strength including connecting link, the D.I.D ADVANTAGE.  *RC50 through RC240 only.

The DID standard roller chains are available in 14 sizes ranging from RC25 to RC240. All are in conformity with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and ANSI (American National Standard Institute) standards.